Welcome to Rental Investor!

Would you like to learn what it is like to be an investor in real-estate, more specifically being a landlord? Do you wonder how people get started in rental investing? Where does the money come from? Have you scoured the sites only to get anecdotal information about how easy it is, or how much work it is, or how risky it is?

Rental Investor is about learning to invest in rentals though real life case studies as they happen. Read about the triumphs as well as the flops. You will get to see the real numbers of each investment and the decision making progress for each. You will be able to download and use tools to evaluate and track your own properties as they are developed.

Rental Investor is not about how it is done…. Rental Investor is a live update on how it is being done from day 1 – today, in our current economy.

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